The account of a journey part II

Heidelberg Castle from the Kornmarkt.
The second day of my short trip to Heidelberg mostly consisted of sightseeing. Finally I got to know the tourist side of Heidelberg. The most obvious location to visit is probably the "fate stricken castle, hanging deep down into the dale, torn apart by the weathers" ... (free translation after "Heidelberg" by Hölderlin ;) ) Not without good reason it is the town's landmark. So I made my way up the over 300 steps (I lost count somewhere in between when considering if it would really be so nice to live in one of the villas populating the hill side. ;) )

After a few minutes I reached the top of the world (or at least of the town) and there I was. Back again on the first day of my studies. Actually, a few days before but back then climbing up to the castle was one of the first things I did as well. The view always pays off and if you would go up there every day.
Heidelberg Castle from the back.
As I had plenty of time I made my way to the back of the castle, further than ever before. If you ever come to Heidelberg or live there - go there! The less familiar back face is at least as impressive as the front face. After dreaming away in grey fog and slight rain I took the not-stair-way down and wandered aimlessly around in the city.
Before heading to the evening highlight(s) of the day I tried to find my bachelor thesis supervisor and the rest of the research group but at that particular time they seemed to have vanished somewhere in the secret passages of the KIP - the temple of physics.

The two temples of wisdom: Left - "My" department, Kirchhoff Institut für Physik. Right - University Library.

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