Achievement unlocked - Master Chef

You might remember that in the last semester I worked at Hallands Nation quite often - mostly at the pub. Apart from the pub the nations also organise brunches and lunches. At the former I worked at one sunny Sunday. Getting started at eight on a Sunday, standing in the vapour of boiling kale for several hours ... It was an exciting experience just as working at the night club with time extrema in the other direction - getting to bed at eight. (Not quite but it felt just like this. ;) )
Sehr, sehr geiles Kuskus. :D
Still missing in the Hallands work collection was the lunch on Mondays. As one of the new förman ("responsible for work" ;) ) is my adorable flatmate and I did not have a lecture last Monday this was the perfect opportunity. So on Monday morning on time at nine o'clock I arrived at Halland's mega-kitchen to burn some (72) meatballs. To fry, I meant! (No I did not burn them.) The recipe for the minced meat ("KÖTTFÄRS" in Swedish and the following text and "HACKFLEISCH" (you alwys have to angrily shout it!) in German) our förman chose was quite interesting as usually I prepared KÖTTFÄRS with several different spices and ingredients - which takes some time and a lot of spices as KÖTTFÄRS needs a lot of them before it adopts the taste. The KÖTTFÄRS we prepared just needed sun-dried tomatoes, feta-cheese, egg, pepper and salt (which you might spare as the feta-cheese is already salty) and it tasted quite intense. I will remember for next time! (Which means that the food was good.)
Besides, the day was even more successful as I laid down my animosity with couscous. The last time I tried it was ten years ago in Tunisia where they managed to thoroughly deter me from couscous for at leat ten years. On Monday I was cured and now I even like it - drastic changes unsettle earth!
In addititon to new recipes and the culinary disclosure the often observed "too-much-food-effect" occured which means that I invariably lived on meatballs and white chocolate mousse this week. Besides being supplied with sugar in rough amounts by the chocolate mousse and thus being able to work nonstop on the recent lab report the KÖTTFÄRS probably saved me from the disease currently being rampant in Sweden ... Something about listeria. Some say it is in the sausages, some say it is in the milk, some say it is everywhere ... Simplest cure seems to be: Don't eat food!

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