Another account of a journey part II

After a short pre-easter break now here comes the second part of the account of a journey. First, however - although usually one should not do that - I have to allude to a three language pun. ;) I called this blog entry "Another account ...". Translated to German this would mean "Ein weiterer ..." or - here starts the pun ;) - "Ein anderer ...". In Swedish, however, "andra" means "second". And this is the second (pair of) entries that I called "Account of a journey". Very funny, I know. :D At least you learned some Swedish. :P

A very exciting view from the train -
without velocity aberration.
Ok so last time I ended with a pioneering physical observation and with a pretty girl, so I will restart with the latter. After some time my pretty vis-a-vis left the train. :( A few minutes later, however, another pretty girl entered our compartment. :) Only she did not want to retake the now empty seat. :( At least she did not want to take any seat in the compartment and left the same direction as she entered. ;) As you can see, it is true: Sweden is full of beautiful girls! One does not only notice this when leaving Sweden so I look forward to another one and a half years of living in this likewise beautiful country. And not only the far future but also the near future (on the train) should become even better! At the next station again, a whole bunch of - as it seamed - future models entered the train and marched along all the compartments in a parade of high heels and make-up. So I did not need to worry about headaches from the train window's velocity aberration anymore. ;)
Besides enlightening moments as these, however, (sorry for today's frequent use of this word ...) you should also expect a clear example of why Scandinavia is often perceived as a rather dark area compared to more southern parts of the worlds if you decide to enter Sweden by train. It is not about the weather and it certainly has nothing to do with the fact that even in southern Lund some times in winter you cannot see the sun for weeks due to grey sky. Actually this impression of dark and cold only and exclusively originates from the train stations! (It is always the trains, of course - in any country.) Every single of the train stations between Lund and Kastrup made a really dark impression: Underground, connected with several tunnel route sections, not really old but not explicitly modern either. (At least not all of them.) So do not let a train station expression influence you!

During the rest of the train journey, apart from a slow train before us, two porters confusedly running up and down the train but never actually checking our tickets and the occasional brightening appearance of beautiful Swedish girls not much happened.

The way from the airport train station to my terminal did not seem as long as it did last time I went home as this time I knew the way and did not have to follow the roofed way along the building due to heavy rain as last time either. So the rest of the time I spent at the gate wondering about all kinds of different people like when I started my trip at the train station in Lund. Most of the people were rather boring except for a small child, barely able to walk but already ambitiously exploring the airport. Doing so it did not even care for passing indoor-airport-cars and definitely made clear who's assignment is to be ranked most important when it made the car violently break while crossing the gate corridor. Mother and car-driver seemed equally impressed by the little explorer's determination and did not even complain.
After that I myself was mostly impressed by not being recognised as German by the stewardess, and by how little is going on at my destination airport at night. Probably there is not much more action during day time either ... But this is exactly what you want for a break so all in all it was a very pleasant journey. :)

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