Swedish course deluxe

This semester I finally could start a Swedich course. Before it was usual "be nice and you do not get anything": When I asked several people and skimmed through the internet to find a Swedish course I could attend right from the beginning of my time in Sweden all the time I was told / I read that the university courses are only for exchange students - which I am not. So I applied at Komvux, something like "Volkshochschule" for a free "Swedish for immigrants" course. Took a few months but finally I got in. Only to learn afterwards from some of the people here that there are many students in the university courses which are not exchange students ... Just because they bugged the ones responsible long enough until they were accepted in the course. Should I now start annoying people everytime I need something?!
Well whatever, now I am in this SFI course and at least there are probably more interesting people than in a university course. Of course there are also many students but also household helps, researchers, farmers, chefs, IT experts ... And they come from all over the world: Poland, Slovenia, Kroatia, The Philippines, France, Japan, Scottland, England ... and as always Germany. Some of them speak more Swedish than English which makes it interesting to communicate - hands and feet included of course.
So far I have to admit that the course progresses a little slowly and does not require much work but at least it motivates to speak more Swedish. For Germans I think learning Swedish is significantly easier than for others as there are indeed many similarities between German and Swedish. So reading Swedish works ok already, only understanding Swedes talking is hard - especially here in Skåne as the Swedish here sounds like gibberish - even according to the Skånish people themselves ... At least sometimes I get them to speak a little slower which makes it already much easier to understand them. So far I am still convinced that I will learn some proper Swedish until my master ends! :)

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