Away from the world

The last month was more or less busy with studying for exams, doing project work and being sick. So I did not do much on this blog but now I give it a new try. For the next week or so I plan on presenting the project that kept me busy for two weeks and give a small insight in real nanoscience magic! Until then I will sum up a few stories about studying in Sweden, a new semester and running from bureaucracy. The word alone is already a reason to run ...
But although bureaucracy is always a good topic for agitation it is probably not such a good topic to revive a blog. Instead I will postpone this and just give a short summary about the last month which I will further elaborate in the next week(s). (I hope.)
So in the upcoming week(s) you will be able to read about highly critical and cutting edge nanoscience processing with space suits and everything, about past and future courses, the last real physics, upcoming master theses revolutionising science (of course) and the usual physics madness.

And here is a picture of a ballon parking place
because a physics buildings needs something like this.

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