The Battle of Lund

1676 - They called it the Battle of Lund when the Swedish king Charles XI with 8.000 men defeated the invading Danish king Christian V with his 12.000 men near Lund in one of the most brutal battles ever fought on Skandinavian ground.

They called it the Battle of Lund until today because today a battle was fought of unprecedented levels so far in the basement of the international desk in Lund. RISK - destroyer of friendships, sower of hatred and cause of absurd brutality: The yellow, seeking to govern the whole Asian continent, the red, seeking to destroy the yellow, the green, seeking to destroy the red, the blue, seeking to destroy the green and finally the glorious black, conquering all North America and Australia after starting from a hopeless outpost in Africa destroying the green and thus favouring a blue victory by targets passing by.

At the beginning everything looked already decided from the start: The red spread out over all South America and Africa - until the green almost blew them off the map in one big campaign spreading fear and loathing changing the tides. Only the black hesitating to finish the red off in their hopeless situation spared the other peoples from world domination by the green ... At the same time yellow scratching at the edge of total Asian domination only being denied one country fiercly defended by the black and the blue fighting back from the south after almost being destroyed causing grim battles full of bravery and heroism. Waiting for the right moment like a spider in its net and slowly acquiring Noth America piece by piece the black's time then came and in two determined moves devastating the Asian east coast Australia could be won as last puzzle stone in the big picture.

So the second Battle of Lund changed the course of world history on that one rainy November day ... Only all friendships are still intact and five students are one step closer to world domination having sharpened their strategic skills ready to step outside the molding warmth of university ...

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