The adventures of the little physicists part II - the secret lecture notes

Photofit picture of the observed suspects.
Image drawn by an anonymous genius.
Ok this is a slightly crazy blogpost. Just to warn you in advance. ;) It represents the mood of one of the last lectures and especially shows the dangers of mentally cracking when you study physics - dangerous game! So here we go ...

Yeees sometimes even the most interested physicists have a hard time to follow the lectures. As someone very precisely described some lectures are just too "slidy". This means: Too many slides, too confusing slides, too little information ... This again causes the listeners to slide to sleep if they cannot hold their concentration high by some other means. So some very promising plans might be forged in the mean time ... Some of the more delicate ones are published exclusively by the physics secret service at this very point!

This is an image of the battle plan recorded first. The targets and the obstacles (lab report) are identified and the first relations developed. Note the slight confusion about whom to deal with and about the priorities. (The coffee machine was an especially hot target as it provides free coffee - would have been a bad idea to steal a coffee machine where you have to pay for your own coffee, of course!)

One after the other the targets are sorted out and concrete deals are sealed. Connections between different strings are established and the bar is set higher! (With a little preparation this might even work. Subject of the lecture were different microscopes. With a little fantasy they look just like catapults and lasers and sh*t. Actually they do have lasers in them!
As well as the lasers note the brilliant idea to trade sambuca with the Russians - nobody would ever guess the connection between sambuca and Russia - no way to trace it back!)

Nevertheless you should never leave a lecture without having learned something so at the end the following conclusion was made:

(STM means Scanning Tunneling Micrsocope - closely connected to the laser gun! Thus: Do not mess with it.)

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