The super secret science base

Crazy whatever-setup for whatever. ;)
(Actually it is a vacuum chamber
where synchrotron photons can be
injected to examine samples.)
Yesterday we visited the MAX-lab here in Lund. It was called a "lab" which usually involves doing
something on your own. Measuring squares for example. Well, that was another lab I will tell about next time. ;)
First I was a little concerned that this lab in MAX-lab could be a little boring as there were no student lab setups but only "real" science setups. It was not boring. Nobody prepared us for what we should see in the big hall of MAX-lab.
But first: What is MaxLab? Short answer: It is a synchrotron. What is this? It is a big circle (circumference of 90 m for MAX-II) where electrons are driven around to emit bremsstrahlung. The bremsstrahlung are photons (light) which are then used for experiments. So this 90 m circle stood in a big hall, its most critical radiation areas secured by a super high-tech red and white barrier chain which the radiation cannot pass. (No image due to scientific concealment.) But it was not only the synchroton there. There was everything! A paradise for every do-it-yourselfer and experimental physicist! Just a lot of stuff, tools, screws, materials, vacuum chambers, improvised stands for photon pipelines with the pipelines itself, cables, ... everything! :D It felt like area 51, only cooler as we were really there.

Atomic submarine feeling ...

To give an impression of all the crazy stuff I put some pictures from the highly secret science base here. When we passed one of the corridors it looked just like in a nuclear submarine. Five minutes later a mechanical voice from some hidden speakers announced: "MAX-II injection in five minutes!" (not kidding :D) and againfive minutes later: "MAX-II injection now!" More science-fiction is almost not possible!

Control base for everything.
To the right there was a second
setup like this. :)

Actually, science-fiction is not even that far off as they are currently building MAX-lab IV in Lund. It shall be finished in 2016 and will be the most brilliant synchrotron wordlwide at the time! And in MAX-III they developed some modern magnets that all the fancy synchrotron institutions in the world want to use.^^ Just the right time to get here! ;)

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