A real vinking's adventure!

Amon Amarth - Death in Fire
Some of you might know that besides calssical music, jazz and rock I am also a big fan of metal music. Yesterday Amon Amarth played in Malmö. So right on my doorstep. I already knew this since one and a half month but was unsure if I should go or not. (By now I do not even know why I ever hseitated.) For those of you who do not know: Amon Amarth is a Swedish metal band and one of the most famous in the world. So the consideration was: Swedish metal band in Sweden 20 km from where I live ... Yesterday I finally came to reason and bought a ticket literally three minutes before the reservation time passed. (The counter was running in the top left corner of the screen.)

Some time afterwards I got a little concerned if I should have bought the ticket insurance as well because the storm outside was not decreasing - very much on the contrary. But "whatever" I thought and rode to the central station, the way to the concert place meticulously planned, with three different arrival routes, two alternative routes and an emergency extraction point, as is self-evident when you go to an unknown territory. ;) Arriving at the train station - surprise, surprise - all trains cancelled. ALL trains cancelled. Someone at the train station claimed to know that one of the contact lines was blown off. That made me wonder if an area where there are heavy winds from time time could maybe prepare for a case like this ... (Actually exactly the same happened last time when it was stormy.) Ok, but that is another story.
So how to get to Malmö now? Well, as there was heavy wind anyway I just decided to fly there. "Been there, done that" as someone already quoted today. ;) So then I made it to Malmö. There the storm was even funnier: It contained heavy snow and hail as well. :) The wind blew the snow-hail so strong that you could not see. And by that I do not mean "not see where you are going" but "not see". Parts of the time it was impossible to keep your eyes open because of the snow-hail. Well somehow the destination "concert" was reached through all inconvenience and I already felt like a real viking. ;)
Cheers to an incredible evennig!
Then the concert started. First "Hell" (funny enough to mention on this blog. ;) ) as support and "Carcass" as second act who both played good music. (Nevertheless, I do not like them for different reasons. But the music was cool. ;) ) Then the main act which justified everything: Amon Amarth!

You can read at many places that Johan Hegg (singer) is very charismatic front man but that does not quite describe it. Although it was only a small crowd of maybe 300(?) people everything fit yesterday and probably everything felt - again - like a real viking. ;) Really, really good sound (for all of the bands), everybody with a top performance and Johan Hegg as the thundergod in person. :D I saw some videos where his voice seemed a little stressed but yesterday - perfect! Even better than on the records! So you see I am still a little flashed. ;) Should you ever have the opportunity to see Amon Amarth live - use it! Should you ever have the opportunity to decide between Amon Amarth and another band - chose Amon Amarth. (Yeah I failed my own advice on the Grasspop Festival a few years ago but then I did not know ...) Great evening!

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