Christmas bakery in the house of Hell

No news for a long time ... Exams, lab reports and the like. But now it is Christmas time and Christmas time is always family time so today I wrote a little report about baking in the house of Hell - which is where I live of course. ;) 

Baking with love!
So starting off we (mother + grandmother + sibblings) threw all the ingredients in the appropriate bowls, mixed everything together and started rolling out the dough. That was the time of the first incident when our oldest family member entered the kitchen. After he examined the scenery carefully he explained that we should use a hammer. To get the dough in cookie shape. Without looking the highest kitchen-commander told him he was a blatherskite. After considering this for a while he disappeared. But only to return with a hammer a few minutes later still insisting that we needed it. Despite powerfully eloquent declaiming his cause and with rich gestures showing us how to use his favourite device the highest kitchen-commander still attested him that he was a blatherskite. So after a while he left again. This time only to make room for middle-son who stormed into the kitchen with a cardboard box over his head and making hellish noises which even drowned the ghettoblaster orchestra that old-son was conducting standing in the middle of the room unavailingly gesturing to clarify that the contrabasses should play louder. After this it was lunch time ...
The baking hammer -
a device irreplaceable in every kitchen!
(Thor would be proud.)
This went quite relaxed until everybody (almost) finished lunch. After he finished first the fadder ("father" as pronounced in the house of Hell) of the house stole some food from middle-sons plate and confidentially explained to him that this is something you should not do ... Afterwards - everybody was done now - everybody started - as usual - talking, cheering and mumbling at the same time and - as usual as well - you could only understand middle-son telling how a few years earlier he always burned plastic bottles with a friend and explained his smelly clothes with the neighbours smoking all the time. Then he cheerfully slapped fadder on the shoulder and ended his story with "That's how it was, right? - Why aren't you Sean Connery by the way?". The fadder only slightly nodded and got up to set up coffee. A few minutes later he returned and casually mentioned that he ate all the Christmas cookies we baked earlier (~ 3 kg so far) to make room for the coffee machine.

First cookies ready for the oven.
2731 more to follow!
All in all this was a very normal day in the house of Hell so far. I am looking forward to three more weeks that will go on in approximately the same way - there is no better place than where your family is! :) For today there are still 27 different kinds of Christmas cookies to bake so that is what I will proceed with now.

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