Photoluminescence of immigrants

Breaking news! (Not to be taken too seriously though ...)

As at the moment most of the stuff that is going on at the university is writing lab reports I wanted to share some of the more important results with you! A few days ago (or is it already weeks?) we were sitting in k-space (probably only physicists come up with the idea to call a room k-space ...) and half-heartegly discussing our plots of the most recent data. Just before we ate lunch so slowly we were falling into "food hibernation". Shutting down all important physicist functions like brain, fine mechanics a.s.o we entered a state that many politicians must live in. Because suddenly it was obvious! The data we acquired one day before from photoluminscence excitation spectroscopy (PLE) showed the development of immigrant violence in Sweden! (The immigrants were we (or "was us"?) in this case ... but no, we did not fight each other over exercise tasks.) As you can see yourself from the figure below the violence rate increased dramatically with the start of the measurements (beginning of our studies), then dropped a little when the night clubs were discovered. The long term development for the next five days however shows an increase again as exams are coming up. Perfectly reasonable, is it not? We at least concluded that this analysis should be enough to campaign in the next election in whatever country might have the next elections ... Will you vote for us? ;)

Analysis of the immigrant violence in Sweden from PLE measurement.
Significant spots and developments are professionally highlighted.
(Figure reproduced from original considerations in k-space.)

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