Hallands 3/4

Half of the brunch - everything made on our
own. Especially the ham, of course!
Today it is exactly one week ago ... Like one of my former high-school teachers once said: "Sometimes you have to do something hard!" (I am amazed that I still remember this.^^) So one week ago I got up at 7:00 in the morning. On a Sunday! Voluntarily! Ok, maybe this was not "hard" but rather "crazy" ... But I was asked if I could work at Halland's brunch and since I did not do that so far I said yes. It paid off though!
Our (ver nice!) förman chose to make a christmas themed brunch since it was the first of Advent. This included self-made bread, cookies, "usual brunch stuff" ;) and grönkål which was what I was mostly responsible for. Rip three kilograms of grönkål apart, cook it, fry it. Standing in kale-vapour at eight in the morning mentally still half in bed felt a little like cooking meth without gas mask must feel ... But after the morning dizziness disappeared everything went alright and the brunch turned out really great!
As there were not so many people attending the brunch we had a lot of food left again ... Enough for the whole following week! So it was not only fun working there but it also paid off somehow. :) Only now I am torn between fun work and maybe more awesome food leftovers and getting up at a time that usually does not even exist on a physicist's clock ... "Det é kärlek!" ;)

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