Physicists on Halloween

What do you do when you plan to go to a Halloween party and you do not have a costume? (Well a costume was optional but it is way funnier to contribute to the overall confusion of appearance. ;) ) The course of events that we followed on the day of the party a few days ago was about this:
  • Decide that you need a costume.
  • Think hard about it and come up with a lot of crazy ideas all of which are not feasable within two hours of remaining time. ("make a transistor out of three people" (oh those physicists ...), "dress as lecture" (yes, >lecture<), ...)
  • Lower your standards. ("Just pin a sheet of paper to your chest and write cloak of invisibility on it.")
  • Start singing Thrift Shop in the physics exercise because you run out of ideas but want to keep the good mood.
  • Drive around in town confused looking for a cheap last-minute costume. (Did not work, incredibly expensive - everything!)
  • Remember some crazy as bonkers black metal bands and their face paint.
  • Buy some black and white makeup and find a girl who can apply it. (Thanks, Sarah! :) )
  • Hope that it does not start to rain.
  • Rock the party! :D
Overall, I think the result was quite awesome given the scarce resources thanks to our makeup specialist. :)

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