Drinks for the local trihedron

As promised some plans for the local trihedron ... Still I did not come up with a fancy English/Swedish translation. But first for those who do not know this name so far: A local trihedron (actually I am not even sure if this is the correct English term^^) is a coordinate system with its origin in the observed point. Such a coordinate system is of interest if the point moves for example in another coordinate system which is in spherical coordinates. We learned that in Theoretical Physics I so do not worry to understand everything. (Our teacher was a real black mage which makes it even more difficult. His name was Schwarz by the way which means Black if you translate it. Many funny (physicist) jokes developed from that, you can believe me. :D)
Some day then one of my fellow students opened a facebook group named Zum lokalen Dreibein which kind of means At the local trihedron. Blessed be his creativity! At this day I decided that should I ever open a bar this would be its name.

So much to the name. But as there is already a bad-ass physics name for the bar we need some bad-ass physics drinks. The first three will be called simply x, y and z. You might have guessed that this has something to do with coordinates. This idea came from a friend of mine who demanded that there have to be shots named after the coordinate vectors. (He has a really cool blog by the way: Dantes Blog - check it out! The latest post is about infinities, really great!)
Pictures from my second life. ;) Nice evening behind the bar
yesterday. We had only 87,5 kg of cake left from the meals ...
(Sorry for the unintentional covered advertising.)
So now we have a cartesian set of shots. Next: A set of spherical shots, what else? The names will be disclosed later but physicists might already suspect what they will be.^^ Then there should be some cocktails: The first ones shall be named Gaussians. There will be a One Sigma, a Two Sigma and a Three Sigma. The first one has a 32% chance of having an extra dose of alcohol, the second one still a 5% chance of an extra dose and the last one is for those who want to be sure about what they are drinking. The numbers are obvious I guess. ;)

As you see physicists have some weird ideas from time to time but that is how science is done, right? ;) Some more ideas for the craziest pub ever will be laid open some other day. Creative ideas are always welcome!

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