A real viking storm!

Today Sweden got struck by the nice and friendly weather that devastated the rest of the continent already before. Actually the action is going on right now. Two street signs standing besides each other are already so excited by the spectacle that they keep applauding by banging against each other all the time ...

Damage from the vikingstorm in front of the chemistry center -
chemistry trees are not as strong as physics trees. ;)
It started when I was sitting in the new course that started today. To be honest it was a little boring. It started getting interesting when the first cars and trees flew by the windows outside. When the first house followed I decided that I should not take my bike home but that I should fly as well. It worked quite well as my profile is rather ... streamlined as you might remember. ;) (Only my physical profile, do not confuse the physical streamlining with the "societal" streamlining.) On my way I met some Swedes that had the same idea. Flying in the same direction I asked them if this was usual autumn weather but they explained to me that it was not. So maybe this is a mortal version of Ragnarök that occurs every now and then. ;) A real viking storm! And as the Öresund bridge is closed off to traffic as well we are now locked away from the world ... So should we decide that we have to go to Germany today we will do so as real vikings - by sailing! One of my fellow students already proclaimed to be the captain tonight. A pirate's life yoho!

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