Free Gospel!

Gospel choir Rejoice in Lund's stadshallen.

After studying some crazy as bonkers (I was advised to use this phrase by my flatmates) nanophysics yesterday I just did not really want to stay home in the evening. Lucky enough I was not the only one around here so we (two beautiful girls and me ;) ) decided to go to a free gospel choir concert. One of the guys living in our house sings in this choir, hence the idea. And it was an excellent idea because they were really good! Homogeneous and dynamic choire, groovy and playful piano and strong and expressive soloists - what more do you want? Next Saturday Rejoice sings in Malmö together with IDMC from London. I am not sure if I can go there but everybody around here should consider it - it will be amazing!

Related to this concert I dug up a great version of the great song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen performed by some Scandinavian artists. Make sure to wait for Kurt Nilsen (fourth singer)!


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