One lecture about WTF please

Yeah that people like to dress up here in Sweden was some of the first things that I learned. During the so called Nollning (beginning the new semester with partying, drinking and dressing up) you could meet Supermen, princesses (usually with beard, a lot of bizeps and hairy legs :D ), crazy animals and a lot of other different species everywhere in the streets. Very normal.

Today some of those party animals seemed to have rosen from their semester coma as it came to the following today:
Mathematicians' Christmas in October - I love Sweden! :D
(On the screen that is a micromotor btw, etched out of silicon - crazy sh*t!)
Without suspecting anything we sat in our last lecture before the exam and listened to our dear professor. Suddenly the door to the lecture hall opened and a bunch of costumed guys marched into the lecture hall singing, lined up in the front of the hall without any comment (professor just sat down and watched the spectacle), sang another five songs and left the room - singing again, no comment or anything. Everybody applauded and our professor continued the lecture. His only comment: "Yeah, the guys from section F have some celebration. I think, there is to be some mathematical calculation that Christmas should be today or something." Well done, mathematicians, why not celebrate Christmas two times a year?

An act of pure disjointedness - I love Sweden. :D

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