Contract negotiations

The Wall. (Source: (c) dercartoon.de)
So today I just wanted to play football with my nation and went to date and place stated on the homepage. Only there was nobody there ... So I played with some other guys from another nation instead. At least today the Swedes showed a very different approach to football than we did in the last three years. Due to adverse weather conditions they play indoor football most of the time and that is easy to see in their way of playing: Short playing periods, a lot of small small dribbling, hectic back and forth ... Well as goalkeeper you do not mind and although my style is definitely different I think on my usual defensive field position I managed to fit into the system somehow as well. Good enough to win, at least. :) (Actually it does not make much of a difference if an attacker chooses to dribble or to pass the ball at indoor football if you decide to crush everything that approaches the goal you defend closer than 5 meters anyway - you just do not have to run as much with less passing. Well, not crush of course but you know what I mean ;) )

So afterwards I was asked if I wanted to play in their team ... Now what do I do?

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