System of a Tackfest

Two weeks ago I worked at Hallands nation as you might remeber. There is this great system that students just work for free at pubs and clubs just because they want to and just to give others a good time. (Not just at Hallands but at all te nations.) However, they do not work completely for free as (at least at Hallands) there are the so called tackfester ("thank you parties"). One or two weeks after working you can attend one of those. There you get a free meal, half a liter of wine, some snaps and free entry to the club afterwards. And most important you have great company! (Singing is included as well - of course!)

Yesterday I attended my first tackfest and as you might have interpreted from the paragraph before it was great! Met some new people, met some people from before again after some time, in three words: a great evening! (Maybe I should have called the article simply "great" ...)

And as if it was not already clear before I will work at Hallands more often - next time in the pub, I hope! :)

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