Swedish music - today: reggae!

Today I finally managed to check out some music a friend of mine told me about: A Swedish reggae band called Kultiration! While reggae is maybe not the typical sound one would expect from Sweden I am already a little flashed by the first song I listened to! :D
There seem to be some traditional Swedish folk elements in the music, as far as I can hear being neither a reggae expert nor a Swedish folk expert and it sounds really great! (Assumption purely based on comparison. ;) ) And at least the guy behind the drums seems to be hell of a musician! (I cannot help checking this with every kind of music. ;) ) My Swedish is not yet good enough to understand the lyrics but I think it is something about a better world ... (Swedes might correct me if I am wrong.) Listen to it yourself!

So it seems that Sweden does not only produce some of the greatest metal bands such as Opeth (full concert as example), Amon Amarth (f*cking awesome Wacken 2012 concert), In Flames (even more f*cking awesome Wacken 2012), ... (insert any none American metal band here - they might well be from Sweden ;) ) and as well some DJs as I have learned recently (as you might know, I do not know anything at all about this kind of exposure to acoustic waves but even I know for example Aviciis Wake me up) but that there are also great reggae bands from this beautiful country! (Sry for the long sentence ;) )

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