Typiskt svensk - kanelbullens dagen

Yes, kanelbullens dagen. It is today and indeed it is the day of the kanelbulle - the day of the cinnamon roll. It might not make sense in the first place but today Sweden celebrates the cinnamon roll. :D By eating loads of it and so did I - of course. The kanelbulle is very typical for Sweden and there is probably almost no fika without it. Fika is very Swedish as well, by the way. It is difficult to translate or explain because it is so special.^^ One might translate it with something like "drinking coffee together" but actually it is more. More about socialising, taking a break, relaxing in all the stress going on, ... typiskt svenskt - very good and essential part of Swedish culture which I have learned. :)

In celebration of the day here is picture of kanelbullar I made a few weeks ago. ;)
(Only the right sugar is missing.)

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