The best pub in Lund - Hallands of course!

The best pub in Lund - Hallands!
As announced before now I managed to work in Hallands Pub as well. :) That was yesterday and it was fun again! We started by making lasagna for 80 people (11 liters of bechamel sauce, ouw yeah! :D) which included cutting some 20 big onions ... You will probably only see three men cry more when it is all or nothing in football ... Or expressed in another way (as one of the guys always sobbed in between tear drops the seize of marbles falling to the ground): "It was so beautiful!" Eventually there was no tear fluid left so we cut the rest quite fast ...  The crying area covered half of the kitchen later on so those were some really good onions!
That is whar 50 eggs and 4 kg of sugar look like.
After serving this bad-ass power lasagna we then started to make kärleksmums ("lovejummy" or sth. like that^^) for 80 people as well. The ladies caring for their body mass index too much should stop reading now because this involved some 50 eggs (the scaled recipe said 60, but we only had 50 left ...), at least 4 kg of sugar, one liter of cocoa powder (when scaling up amounts the Swedish measurement system of dl instead of g failes miserably ...) and several liters of milk. (Consult the images given for visual documentation.) Summarised: Awesome sugar chocolate cake!!1! (After rescaling the recipe several times because of missing ingredients we just followed the old engineering rule: "Just make it work!" and put everything together that we could find. ;)) My once black shoes and the black working shirt were white afterwards but it felt like being head of the christmas bakery! :)
After the cake was served as well (still steaming of course!) we spent an evening between cleaning, dishing, chilling and of course serving beer and Whiskey! (38 or so different beers and Whiskeys each at Hallands, yeah!) The only disappointment was that the first guy ordering Whiskey ordered Jack Daniel's ... "Whiskey" ... leaving the good Islay's in the shelf ... -.- Whatever, it was a great evening! And - very good thing of course - it starts to be like back in Heidelberg that wherever I go, I meet people I know. :)

Chocolate cake for 80 people.
After cleaning and closing at the end we almost made it to escape with a shopping trolley filled with the remaining beer but we were stopped by the stairway to heaven leading up to the street ... Too bad. ;) We were allowed to take the remaining lasagna home instead so now I have enough lasagna to feed all of my living community for three weeks. ;)

Thanks to the guys for an awesome evening!

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