From Lund to Halland over Västra Götaland to Lund

No, that is not the route of my last journey. On my last journey I went to the 384th dimension of hyperspace (not kidding) but that is another story to be told at another place. From Lund to Halland over Västra Götaland to Lund is the route of our victory! We means Hallands Nation in this case and our victory was achieved over our evil arch-enemy Västgöta Nation, harr! Well, kidding this time, we are best friends. :) (In fact, I would have joined VG if it had not been for Hallands.)

So on 13 September on beer crate horses (they were empty though - no alcohol excesses involved) we rode to face our vicious opponent and accomplished our crushing victory, spinning swords (or rather ourselves with our heads on hockeysticks - they kind of like this strange game here, I did not yet figure our, why) and shouting our ferocious battle songs! (This part is actually true.)

What is actually behind this story is a competition that Hallands and VGs traditionally hold with their novisch (the name speaks for itself) to get to know people, Swedish games and to have a good time - mission totally accomplished! Awesome people (yes, Hallands and VG), awesome atmosphere and an awesome party afterwards. The details of the party are classified though because of a Finnish-Netherlands-German covert operative undertaken at this very same evening as well.

As consolation here is an image of the dignified Halland ambassadors holding the hard-earned trophy:

(The blurry image results from the energy vibrating in the air and deflecting the light!)

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