Screw this nanosh*t, I will become a barkeeper!

Yesterday I worked at my nation's nightclub bar, mixing drinks, talking to people, wiping the counter ... It was as fun as I thought it would be, yeah! I am sure, Halland's Klubb 3 is the coolest club in town, as well as Halland's pub is probably the coolest pub. ;) (How cool is a pub that looks like an old library?! - I hope to get some fotos soon.)
Halland Klubb 3 - Picture from Halland's facebook page
 So I think I will quit studying physics, quit thinking about quantum entaglement and carbon nano-processors and open my own pub - just like the Sonderbar in good ol' Heidelberg! Legend says the Sonderbar's owner graduated with 1,0 after studying law - which is said to be impossible, I think. Instead of becoming a lawyer and making money as much as Bill Gates he just left everything behind and opened the second-coolest pub in Heidelberg. (The coolest one is of course the Brass Monkey.) My pub will of course be named Zum lokalen Dreibein! (Physics nerd stuff ... You might translate it to The local trihedron.) For the beginning: Maybe see you in Klubb 3 until then!

(Out of context: There is an amazing book where the main character becomes a bartender after his adventures: The Kingkiller Chronicle - one of the beste books I ever read - and I read many. ;) )

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