Well, well, well, a blog ...

Well, well, well, a blog ... Now it is real and this is the first post. Why did I start a blog now? After some consideration the question was rather "Why not?" than "Why?". As I tend to muse more than is good for a single person anyway ;) I just did it and here it is. Feel free and even feel welcomed to comment, contact me and feedback - everything is welcome. :)

Furthermore, I received some enquiries now and then about what is going on in Sweden where I currently live so this will cover some of it. As I was thinking of blogging just for fun anyway depending on how the blog develops I will post some stuff about music and science (yeah!) now and then that I think all of you could be interested in - trying to explain understandable for everybody as is my credo when it comes to science. (Possible to be looked up in the collected works of Markus Hellenbrand at the University of Heidelberg.) ;)

Ah I should not forget some cool pictures so here you go:

(Just kidding ...)

Let's plunge right into action with the latest news from Lund!

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