Students are the new McKinsey!

Before leaving to Sweden I had the awesome opportunity to participate in a consulting project for a big plant manufacturer comprising a few hundred days of work. This was an awesome and very valuable experience I would not want to miss! How I got this possiblity? From the world leading student consultancy GalileiConsult e.V.! Well, at least world leading in Germany. Or let's say in Baden-Württemberg ... or around Heidelberg ... but world leading! ;) (Actually we really do work all over Germany ... For more information on student consulting see GalileiConsult e.V. (German, sry), BDSU (German, sry) or JADE (English, yay!))

The reason why I tell you this is my advice especially for the German students: Join your nearest student consultancy - it is worth it! ;) Not only if you want to become a consultant (I definitely do not want to become one!) but also if you want to experience a unique atmosphere (both working and personal)! (Besides, you can earn quite an amount of money if you do it right. ;) )

The reason why I brought up this topic at all is a big German newspaper reporting about "us" consultants recently. :) Die Welt wrote a short article about student consultants (sry, German again ...) which gives a nice insight in what we are and what we do.

Concluding with further info material I would like to recommend our very own GalileiConsult e.V. blog where you can find news about our work from time to time and - yes, mea culpa, not very modest - an article about quality management I wrote some time ago and which gives an insight in our quality standards. (What else could you expect from a studied pedant aka physicist ;) ) It was published on this exact blog and - a little fancier with nice colours - in the first edition of a new career magazine (pdf page 34) by the Campushunter magazin. Enjoy! (Or laugh about the swollen pseudo-consultant writing style.^^)

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