Heidelberg best of all German universities!

Some time ago the latest QS world university ranking was published and behold! Heidelberg is the top German university and ranks on the 50th place of all universities! BÄM! I took this as a reason to dig up some other rankings and compose a little hymn of praise to my beloved alma mater. :) (For fast readers: Overall conclusion at the very bottom.)

Where the top ranking itself should be no surprise as it is known that Heidelberg has an excellent reputation, the first place from all German universities is a happy event! :) If you dig a little deeper you will find that in specific subjects Heidelberg will be (of course - this is statistics) ranked even higher. While with physics (world rank 35) or the faculty of natural science (world rank 39) which is of special interest to me of course, it is not the highest ranked German university anymore it very much is e.g. in medicine (world rank 36).

To keep the physicist's principle of operation upright I also looked at some other recent rankings to verify the results and behold again! in the Shanghai rating Heidelberg is listed as second on rank 54 right after the TU Munich on rank 50. In the mood of this article this is of course close to nothing and so in the 1-sigma range, Heidelberg remains on the first place. ;)

The Die Zeit's CHE ranking does not give any places and it is required to register to see it so I did not link it here, but nevertheless I took a close look at the ranking and in all the interesting fields like for example citations per publication, third party financing, teaching variety, research reputation or promotions per professor Heidelberg ranks in the top groups as well!

The Times Higher Education World University Ranking will be published on Wednesday 2 October - we will see what it brings.

So what is the conclusion? Well, although rankings like this do not count too much we can conclude that we have an awesome and world-famous university in Heidelberg. Hell yeah!

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